Exceeded Allotted Time for Internet Usage - Courtyard

Discussion created by nascargene on Oct 17, 2019
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Well this is a new one ... along with having to re-authorize internet access every day, instead of once for my entire stay.


A colleague and I are staying at the Murfreesboro, TN Courtyard. I've stayed here before and noticed during this stay that I have to re-authorize internet access every 24 hours. It used to be that I authorized it on the 1st day, chose the higher speed internet and selected the number of days I am staying. 


Now, you have to authorize every 24 hours and choose the $4.99/day package each time (I'm Titanium).


Today I was working on my room for a bit, and then went down to the Bistro to do some work. I have to reauth myself in the Bistro. I just finished up, came back up to my room. I was typing a reply to another Insiders post and lost internet. I figured I needed to reauth, but instead go this message that I have exceeded my allotted time.


I'm going to go down to the desk to see what that's about, but I hope this isn't yet another cost cutting measure. 


I do run a travel router in my room that connects to the hotel wifi - so that I can create my own private network in the room for all my gear (laptops & chromecast), as well as colleagues laptops when we are working in my room - but this is the 1st time I have gotten this message.

One advantage to the travel router - I just fired up my 2nd phone, turned its hotspot on and connected it to the router. No need to change anything to keep my network running.


Another annoyance at this hotel, and more in recent months, is that the TV will not allow any inputs except through the World Cinema media device -- that I can't even access in this room. It doesn't matter what HDMI input I use, the only time the TV displays any media at all is when the communication and HDMI cables from the media device are used.

Yes this TV does offer some internet options, but unlike some other Marriott's, it does not have the Chromecast option.