A desk for business needs

Discussion created by pat2927 on Oct 16, 2019
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The Calgary Marriott was one of the first Marriott hotels to undergo the new "Marriott look' a few years ago. This means a cleaner and sleek look and getting rid of all the desk and chairs in the rooms. The look was supposedly for the 'hip & Chic".  I stayed there just after a week after the renovations were completed a few years back. On a business trip with tons of files to reviews etc and when I walked into the room I was shocked.

I was told that it was the new Marriott brand design to which I asked which business person told you they do not want a desk to work? I was told that the sofa and little 'mini-desk ( to your right) was the new standard. Wrong.

After my feedback, I know they were not going to change back the entire hotel for me, but glad to say that each time I keep going back ( many times) as long as my reservations are made in advance, they bring up a desk & chair for me (to your left) and I so appreciate it. I did try this sofa thing but not ergonomically great for someone doing work with tons of papers and files.

What are your preference when on business? A standard desk or would you have settled for this new sofa style design? This Marriott is truly one of the best - location, staff, service and a superb M lounge. Breakfast is a real deal here with variety and choices. Being Elite has it's awesomeness Excellent staff too. I just wish they had it on the top floor with a nice view of the River!