Drinks Limit At Sheraton Louisville KY

Discussion created by a120bbo on Oct 15, 2019
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Just arrived at the above mentioned hotel and was looking forward to something to eat and a couple of drinks in the lounge as a Plat member but how disappointed I am with it. My wife and I went up to the lounge and the food offering was chicken wings or meat balls (no sauce) so very dry. We were greeted by a nice gentleman who asked if we would like a glass of wine or a beer so we both opted for the wine. I then asked if we could have another glass of wine and were told that this would be 8 Dollars each and we were told that they only offer one alcoholic drink per guest.

Now we are used to the hotels in the UK and the Far East where there is no such limit. and were very disappointed as there doesn't seem to be any set standard across the Marriott group.


Has anyone else experienced this useless perk for executive members????


This has put me off of this brand for future bookings I must say. Oh and on another note I used 2 SNA's only to be upgraded rom a king room to a double next to the lift shaft and not even a city or river view.