Part II of Fall 2019 Megabonus revealed

Discussion created by brightlybob on Oct 15, 2019
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I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this graphic has been posted on Flyertalk indicating the different offers that Marriott has decided to allocate to those who manage to unlock the second part. Note that if this follows previous unlocking bonuses you’ll not be getting a choice, one of these offers will be allocated to you and that’s what you’ll end up with.


Graphic removed at request of communitymanagers




So now we’re crowdsourcing the unlocked offers and so far members here have reported the following unlocked MEGABONUS offers


Make one stay get 5,000 points

Make one stay get 10,000 points

Make one stay get 20,000 points

Make two stays get 4,000 points

Make four stays get 8,000 points 

Make five stays get 12,000 points

Make six stays get 15,000 points


Receive 2,000 Bonus points every second stay


Make four stays get 2,000 points & 2,000 every 2nd stay thereafter 



As according to the T&Cs the second offer takes a couple of days to “unlock” and the fall Megabonus only commences on October 29th the first unlockers won’t see their 2nd part till probably November 5th. Personally, I won’t be unlocking my offer until around the 20th November but knowing this place I expect to see a few here (*cough* Nipper) revealing their offers on that very earliest date!


With Bonvoys insistence that the graphic be removed I think if we want to see the different offers available we’ll need to post our second unlocked offers and I therefore ask that everyone post their offers onto this thread and I will post them at the top of this thread. Thanks all y’all!