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Paying Cash for All Inclusive Package on a Redemption Stay?

Question asked by robanderson on Oct 15, 2019

Hi there, hopefully someone can help me with the below...


I'm looking to make my first redemption stay at Turtle Bay in Mauritius this coming January.


When I check out the redemption rate online it's room only, so I'd like to know what the additional cost would be to take their all inclusive package. I've seen on TripAdvisor that others have done so I figure it's possible. My first attempt to progress this was on the phone to Bonvoy, who advised me to contact Turtle Bay directly to get the price. But to be honest the chap on the phone didn't sound too convincing, and I'm surprised he couldn't help me more there and then. 


So, is an email out to Mauritius the best way to go about it - and is what I'm trying to do even possible?! Would be interested to know if anyone else has managed this before, either at this property or elsewhere, and if so how they managed it.