Missing Credit Card Rewards Nights

Discussion created by jhtarheel on Oct 15, 2019
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I am having a hell of a time trying to get my monthly reward for spending $3k on my Chase Marriott Rewards credit card. I have the card that came before "Bonvoy" and it rewards me with one night credit for every $3k I spend in a calendar month, in addition to points rewarded for dollars spent after each statement period. Pretty much like clockwork, I get one or two reward nights around the 8th-10th of each month, based on my spending from the prior month, assuming I spent enough (I usually do). Several months ago, I had not received my two nights credit for the $6k+ that I had spent the prior month. I called Marriott. They referred me to Chase. Chase said they had sent the spending record to Marriott on the 6th of that month. I called Marriott back. They opened a case and explained they had a known system issue and would resolve it. In about 10 days, I got my night credits. No problem for a few months, until now. I have not yet received the two nights for the $7k I spent in September. I have emailed Marriott and called them. Typically, the people are really nice, but not the one I got yesterday. She rudely told me "how it works" and said I must call Chase, even though I had already told her I had been down this road before. Regardless, I called Chase and they confirmed I spent about $7k and they had sent the info to Marriott. I provided this info to another Marriott rep, who opened a case. I sent another email and got a reply that I needed to call Chase..... This is maddening. It's like the call center reps don't know the details of the older credit card rewards since the new ones came out. And I'm not getting any courtesy from the "Titanium Elite" customer service people. I'm being treated like I have no idea what I'm talking about. 


Hopefully, someone from Marriott will read this and help a long-time, loyal Titanium Elite member.