Disappointed: Why do we get informed about programs after we would have completed them?

Discussion created by ptolle on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2019 by arizonatag

Disappointed with Marriott Bonvoy's professionalism and knowledge. Staff at hotels have been excellent but the loyalty program is lacking. Found out about the Platinum Challenge by the loyalty customer service agent saying I would have completed the challenge if I enrolled 4 months ago. “How was I notified about this challenge?” I asked. “We notify you when you call into customer service and ask about the program”, was the answer I received. So..... they enrolled me starting that day so none of my previous stays counted. Looked on the site a couple days later and still no mention of the challenge or my enrollment. Called back into customer service where I was handed off twice and was informed, I can't access that.


In summary you can enter the challenge programs if you know about them, however you aren’t informed about them and will only be informed if you would have already completed them and call into customer service for other items. Once you are enrolled, you must keep track of all your nights because there is no web presence for the program and then try to deal with customer service at the end to complete the program that they do not track.


I would think Marriott Bonvoy would honor their own program by giving me Platinum status and hopefully inform their loyal members about these programs.