TV Access for the Internet

Discussion created by shawn1315 on Oct 14, 2019
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So here’s a question, since being a leader in giving us Internet TV, the programming has shrunk substantially from offering NetFlix, Hulu, HBO Go and or Showtime to Netflix, Pandora (huh?) and Crackle whatever that is.  I understand there’s something with the supplier of those things according to a manager I spoke with. Well hey, Marriott for those of us who practically live in your hotels (110 nights this year) how about letting us use our FireSticks or Chromecast devices?


Some TVs accept them readily, but others are so locked down with (physically and software) inaccessible HDMI ports or lack of power (I have an 11 foot extension cord in my bag) and remotes that don’t allow access to the ports on the TV.  Not every hotel has inaccessible TVs, many can be “hacked” to make them usable but many can not.  Customers using their own devices cost you nothing, you’re not at the mercy of any provider to let content come into the room (we’re already paying for it on our own via subscriptions). All we need is for you to make every TV easily accessible and you’ll probably have a lot of happy road-warrior guests.


Just wondering why you don’t do this.  Seems cost-effective to me.