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New York City - luggage fees for holding bags?

Question asked by lonnalinda on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by lonnalinda

Husband has a work conference in New York City, so on a whim I decided to go.  Work budget is $400 or less for hotel room and it needed to be walking distance to the conference which is on 5th Avenue on the corner of 47th.  I looked at a ton of Marriott properties (price and distance to his conference) and finally found the Sheraton Times Square to meet both criteria.  The bummer is he has just regular member status with Marriott, I have Titanium.  I have read past posts here and based upon replies I will try to include a note to hotel staff to see if any of my Titanium benefits can be applied during our stay.  (I realize probably not going to happen - but thought I'd try; hoping to get just late check out).


So in reading the reviews on Trip Advisor I see complaints about no late check out and that they charge for storing luggage.  Curious if anyone knows if the suitcase/luggage charge is routine with NYC Marriott properties?    I have been to NYC twice but at farther away properties (1 non Marriott) and was never charged for hotel holding luggage for a couple of hours after check out.  But that was some 10 years ago so perhaps things have changed?  


Thanks for any insight.