Hertz Gold Rewards Points

Discussion created by jaak1943 on Oct 11, 2019
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This is a heads up to all frequent travelers who are collecting Hertz Gold Reward points. I recently found out from Hertz that they deleted over 3400 Hertz Gold Reward points from my account. Many of those points were from Airline, Hotel, or E-Rewards points. Hertz told me the following:


“Hertz made new changes to our Loyalty Program since your last rental that has altered the way you are able to maintain your points. Signing up for a promotion or redeeming E-Rewards will not extend your expiration date. Our policy now requires you to use points or earn new points during a completed qualifying rental within an 18 month period in order to extend the expiration date of your points. We cannot manually extend your expiration date. According to your account, your last Gold rental was 01/12/2016. The grace period has ended, and your points were scheduled to expire on 07/26/2019. Unfortunately, as you did not have a completed Gold rental before 07/26/2019, the prior points have expired.”


I did not realize that airline, hotel and other promotion points would not extend the expiration date of my points. I added 150 promotion points to my Hertz Gold Reward account on 07/18/2019 still thinking it would extend the expiration of my points. I asked Hertz to forgive my misunderstanding only 60 days after they expired, but Hertz refused.


As a result I have decided to no longer rent from Hertz. I recommend others to be careful with or not collect Hertz Gold Reward points.