At My Wits' End - Swansea Marriott

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Howdy Insiders, 


I know I've been MIA for a bit, but I've been reading, just not so much replying, but I have, what I feel to be, a very interesting experience to share. 


I completed two stays at the Swansea Marriott in Wales. 


The first one from 6/29 - 7/10 and the second from 8/23 - 8/28. Both times, I had a rental car with me. The hotel offers free parking, provided you register your vehicle at the front desk when you check in. I did this both times I stayed there. 


Despite registering my vehicle on the first stay, I received two parking violations. I had rented my car from Avis, and Avis was kind enough to pay the parking fines for me and then charge my credit card for both the fine, and an administrative charge for having to deal with it. This came out to $109 for each violation. I emailed the GM of the hotel, and he put his staff to work on it, and they assured me it would be taken care of immediately, and they have no idea why it happened. The hotel uses a camera based automated parking system (called ParkingEye), so I figured mistakes happen, no big deal. 


I arrived for my second stay, again, with a rental car, I registered it when I checked in, and went on my way. It was a very nice stay, with the hotel even recognizing it was my birthday and bringing a free gin and tonic to my room. Can't complain about that, but again, I return home to receive an email from Hertz this time, saying I had received a parking violation from the Swansea Marriott (though this one was only $70.55) 


I emailed the hotel again, and they assured me that this cost too, will be taken care of. It's now been 2 months since I informed the hotel of my first parking violation. Their demeanor has turned from "we'll take care of it" to "well it is obviously your fault, you must have entered your number plate incorrectly." They have stopped responding to my emails, I'm still out ~$300, and I'm just really pissed off. I've reached out to both Avis and Hertz, and they are both willing to refund the fines once they receive proof that the violations were thrown out, which the Swansea Marriott has yet to provide me. I've reached out to Marriott over twitter and they've created a "case" but nothing really seems to be moving there either. I'm not sure how it can be my fault, and that I entered my number plate incorrectly, yet received only 3 parking violations while parked in their lot for ~17 days, but they won't explain that to me either. 



Anyone else have any infuriating experiences they'd like to share?