Sharp Marriott Engineer Slays WiFi Dragon - with a smile!

Discussion created by johnnyray on Oct 3, 2019
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I am a platinum member and I rely very heavily on being able to work while traveling, and that means reliable internet.


I have struggled because of what apparently is a know issue for frequent guests - where the Marriott servers remember you and automatically connect you - and that is where the problem starts. 


Without getting into details, it's a serious problem - and many many long (sometimes after midnight) chats with IT support, front desk people, reboots, cookies deleted, reset router, yada yada yada.... A chief Engineer named Arthur Gonzalez at the Fairfield by marriott in Mahwah NJ came to the rescue with a quick resolution and a smile.


The problem:

  • Slow connections
  • dropped connections
  • No connection


The fix (for elite members, otherwise you may get a charge):

  • Connect to Wifi
  • once you get a working browser, use:
  • Enter your name and room number
  • If you are offered the option to Connect Automatically next visit DECLINE or DON't CHECK IT
    • Apparently this is a root of the problem


The Commendation:

Thank you Arthur! Arthur came to my room to look at the thermostat (it was fine, just needed to wait for the room to warm up) - and we got to chatting - He went away and was back in a few minutes having researched the answer and came up with a solution and I am surfing at high speed like a champ! He was patient, friendly, smiling, courteous, smart, and effective - how can you beat THAT combination?




John F.

Marriott Platinum Elite

Philadelphia area