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New Off Peak/Peak Policy Impacts Changes to Existing Reservations

Question asked by craig59 on Oct 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by hallchr

I have felt the first adverse effect of the new peak/off peak policy, and would be interested in others' thoughts and experiences.


I booked a three night stay in Chicago months ago for next weekend, and used an annual free night certificate for one of the three nights. Plans changed, and I called yesterday to cancel one of the paid nights.


When I checked today, I saw that the free night certificate had been returned to my account, and there was a debit for 40,000 points applied instead.


I called to inquire and was told that even though the original booking had been made and the free night certificate applied while the hotel rate was 35,000 points/night, under the new peak/off peak program the rate was now 40,000 points/night. As a result, the free night certificate (only good up to 35,000 points) could no longer be used, and I had to use points instead.


This applies to ANY change in the original reservation - even though to me dropping one of the paid nights shouldn't have really impacted the situation.  According to the agent, any reservation change is basically a cancellation and a rebooking, so the system acts accordingly under the terms of the new program.


I've been hoarding my points pretty closely, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to use a free night certificate that I now may have trouble applying before it expires.... 


I guess I understand how it happened, but honestly I'm not too happy about it.  I just returned from an overseas trip with seven paid Marriott nights, and could easily have used the free certificate for any of those nights had I known.