Marriott Champs-Elysees Paris

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 11, 2010
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This hotel was a HUGE disappointment.   It is potentially the loudest hotel that I have ever stayed in and I got zero sleep every night.   I was in Room 103 which is just above the Sephora store and overlooking the sidewalk on the Champs-Elysees.  The first night there I swear there were ghosts in the walls.   There was no room next to me but there were constant noises all night long.   I could also hear, very easily, the noise in the room above me.  Unless that person weighed over 600lbs then the floors/walls are very thin with no soundproofing between them.   The second and third night the Sephora store decided to have a rock concert welcoming their customers both entering and exiting the store which lasted for over an hour or two each night.   It was actually loud enough that I couldn't hear the TV.   And the ghosts in the walls continued these two nights also.   The fourth and fifth night I was pleased to know that the ghosts had moved on to haunt someone else and I feel asleep easily.   Oh, but another problem, apparently the hotel is next to a nightclub and the entire contents of the nightclubs exited and decided to carry the party to the sidewalk, right under my window, from 2am until 4am and this is no exaggeration.    It was really unbelievable to see almost 100 people on the sidewalk beneath my window from 2am until 4am.   And this room was an upgrade for me being a Platinum Elite.  I can only find 2 qualities that this hotel has that would even make it a 2-3 star hotel, the buffett breakfast and the location.   The breakfast buffett was so crowded on the last morning we were there that I only got a muffin and piece of cheese.  All other items were gone or looked pretty rough.   I checked the price of the room if I would have paid for it (I used points for this room; 160,000 for 5 nights) and it was around $500.00 USD a night.   I would have been extremely mad, upset, disappointed if I had paid money as I was all three even when using points.    This hotel is totally overrated and the associates weren't very friendly either.   There is no concierge lounge, they charge 8 euros and hour for internet which should be free for Platinum Elite, and they never offered to help with our bags even though there were 3 doormen at the door when we got to the hotel.  I would recommend the Renaissance at Vendome instead of this hotel and it's location is right next to the Louvre and Notre Dame and still a short walk to the Arc de Triumphe.   Huge disappointment in staying here and don't want anyone else to have the same bad experience.