Marriott Milestone Tracker

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I've been a Major League Baseball fan all of my life. One of the best things, for me, about baseball is the history and the records. Babe Ruth's 60 home runs...then Roger Maris' 61 with an asterisk. Modern day baseball records took a bit of a turn with the steroid era and juiced balls, but many records still stand today. MLB has a Milestone Tracker tab on their website. 


I'll get this started and if there is enough interest maybe we can talk verysuiteboy into setting up something similar to his "Upcoming Stays!" sheets. 


My favorite all time milestone is still lakersfan 's 100th Marriott Flagship Hotels. He hasn't been around in a couple of year's but read about his accomplishment here. Like 1994....The First Marriott Stay .  He had the "correct answer" to my post from 2013. His letter from Bill Marriott is priceless.


So, please use this to let us know about any Marriott related milestones that you have reached, are approaching, or look forward to achieving.  Any thing fits... from number of nights, stays, or branded toothbrushes collected. I know many Insiders have favorite brands. How many Renaissance have you stayed? 25? 50? 100? How many robes or slippers have you modeled brightlybob?  Pens collected nationwide? States with Marriott stays bejacob. $500 night fancy hotel stays verysuiteboy? JW Marriott's pluto77?  Disney Marriott stays jsucool76? Dollars saved through LNF's fistuk?  Countries and continents with Marriott stays monisame?  


These are YOUR milestones. Some may be HUGE and some may as simple as "5th stay at the same property"..whatever you are tracking works. I'm hoping for some real wacky entries!!!