Marriott Bonvoy Agents at a new level of incompetence.

Discussion created by xjenlix on Sep 30, 2019
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This is my first rant/discussion as i don't usually comment of these these things.


Last week on Thursday, i had 2 of the 7 night packages in my account with one expiring in December and one expiring in May 2020.


I called in to Marriott to reserve a week in Bangkok for Mid October.   I asked them to attach the certificate.  The agent took 30 minutes to attach it as that's how long they put me on hold.  after coming back, she confirmed it was done.  and i checked by logging out and back in (and also used another computer to log into the account just in case something is cached) and they used the May 2020 certificate as that's the one gone from my account.  and the reservation did not have a certificate attached. i asked them to fix it and why it wasn't attached.  she told me to wait and then came back 15 minutes later and the certificate expiring in may 2020 is back but the reservation still didn't have a certificate attached.  she said it could take up to 48 hours to show up.

Still nothing over the weekend to show that the certificate was attached.  I called up Marriott this morning to inquire about it and they said it wasn't attached.  the agent said to hold while she does that.  comes back after 15 minutes and says that her system is now down and she had to get someone else to help with it.  another 10 minutes go by.  she comes back and says it's done.  now the May 2020 certificate is gone again and no certificate attached to the reservation.  I asked her about that and she put me on hold again to check and came back and said the person she had called to attach the certificate attached the wrong one.   she said she'll get it fixed.  another 15 minutes go by and she comes back and says that in her system, the december expiration date certificate is attached and that my May 2020 is still there.  they can see it but nothing shows up for me.  they told me that it might take 5 minutes for my certificate to show up again and 48 hours for the Dec certificate to attach. 


this is absolutely ridiculous how bad the Marriott system has become.  i don't know if its the agents or the system that's causing these issues but it does not reflect well on Marriott International.


I'm going to wait another day and will update everyone here about this nonsense.