Points Advance Redemption - Post Peak/Off Peak Changes

Discussion created by nascargene on Sep 29, 2019
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I've earned enough points to complete "payment" for one of my points advance reservations. I called customer service tonight to have them apply the points *and* adjust the rate to the 87,500 points that I reserved the room at -- it adjusted to a 95,000 points rate after the peak/off peak changes.

It was quite a long call, with me on silent hold for about 15 minutes. At the end the agent stated that she took care of the reservation - after having to speak to a manager.


I logged into my account about an hour later, and the reservation is still not paid for, but I have received 7,500 points in my account for "Pre Existing Res Adjust For Peak"


Overall, this is ok - I'll just apply the points to the higher rate reservation, but the entire transaction was not completed as I expected by contacting customer service by phone.