Hotel Review:  Quebec City Marriott Downtown

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Hotel Review:  Quebec City Marriott Downtown


This hotel is in an excellent location for touristing!  Everything is this old city area is walkable and we put quite a few miles on in 5 days (I used points for a five night stay, so got the 5th night free).  There is no lounge, and it has 103 rooms.  This building was formerly a bank.  The continental breakfast offerings were very good (an upcharge for more hot options is available) and the servers were outstanding.  We were provided with continental breakfast coupons for two for each day, and also a $10 credit each night for the restaurant which we used on desserts. The breakfast seating area seems small though, especially when the loud rude guy on his phone took business calls at his table and did not get up and move into the lobby.  Several dirty looks from other diners did not deter him from continuing this behavior each morning.  I regret not being more assertive and approaching him but frankly that should have been the management’s job -- I’m a woman and he was twice the size of me so I was a little intimidated.


The hotel is very clean and pleasing to the eye.  Our standard room was on the small-ish size if you had 4 adults in there with the two queen beds.  Even when using the wardrobe it was difficult to keep things tidy with the limited floor space.  The view of the office building next door was not very appealing, but the room itself was very quiet and provided a tranquil space, especially when the air conditioner was running.  It was very hot outside that week in August.


The bathroom tub has a seating/shelf area which was wonderful for spreading out toiletries.  Counter space by the sink is plentiful.  On that note, I’m surprised the hotel didn’t provide makeup remover single packages as most others.  We recommend using the provided bath mat as my husband literally fell out of the slippery tub one morning – thank goodness the only thing bruised was his ego!


I would not have known that we were able to get courtesy bottles of water from the gift shop each day as it was not discussed at check in.  I had called the hotel with a question two weeks before and thought to ask about a lounge so therefore had been aware of this.  You certainly do not want to use the $7 bottle of water in the room.


The Nespresso machine is a good idea, but the only cups provided were paper ones which did not fit underneath the dispensing area.  I consider that a complete fail as the beverage is too hot to be holding the cup tilted underneath.  No wonder the machine looked new!  I did mention this at check-out and the desk people were surprised to hear this.  I imagine the hotel didn’t consider proper ceramic cups a worthy investment into the fit and finish of the room.


The bus tour information the concierge provided was quite excellent, as was restaurant information.  There is a tour bus hop on/off stop on the corner below the hotel.  I suggest making use of the knowledgeable staff if you’re new to the city!  We will certainly return to this property.