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Nominating Marsha, at Courtyard Brandywine DE.

On both occasions that I’ve stayed at this hotel, she was exceptional. On the first occasion, I had arranged for my spouse to drop off my clothes two days prior. But when I checked in, Marsha who was at front desk, couldn’t find my clothes. I got very anxious because I had an important meeting the next morning and this confusion was not helping. She assured me politely that she will find it and get it to me. She was calm, composed, understanding, apologetic and determined to find it. And she did after about 15-20 mins. She wished me well for the meeting the next morning. The following week, I was back, but didn’t see her at check in. However, when I asked for a different Iron thefollowing morning, it was she who delivered it to my room. When I opened the door, she immediately recognized me and asked about my meeting the previous week. When I shared that it had gone well and I was back for round 2, she was genuinely happy and wished me well again. This was absolutely personal touch and excellence in hospitality. Thank you Marsha. You made a difference to my stays. You deserve accolades!