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MMP - Immediate Family

Question asked by desertraj on Sep 24, 2019

My dad works at Marriott and I've noticed on some MMP rates that immediate family is allowed to use for 1rm/nt (whereas dad/employees can get 2rms/nt).  I have my Dad's form which has his name on it.  Do I just provide the form with his name at check-in?  Is he supposed to get a different form with my name?  Do I need to make the booking while logged into his account?


I've called a few hotels and I've gotten conflicting information. My dad is older and doesn't care to be bothered, so I basically need to figure everything out and then do it for him which is hard not being the direct employee.  My concern is something like this happening at check-in:


Hotel: The name on the form isn't you

Me: Yes that's my Dad, the rate rules state I can use this

Hotel: Prove you're his son

Me: Same last name

Hotel: Not good enough, that's a common last name...


Any help is much appreciated