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All hotels have no availability?

Question asked by betterdays on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by verysuiteboy

OK.  This has been going on for more than a little while, and I just now submitted a ticket to customer support in an attempt to get it resolved.  At this point, I'm just wondering if any other Insiders are having this issue or am I the unique snowflake here?


The issue at hand:

When I'm planning my Marriott stays, I like to use the flexible search feature to see how rates compare throughout a given month.  It used to be quite simple for me to search this way.  I just typed in my destination, selected "flexible dates", the month, and clicked the search button.  I am then presented with a list of properties to look at.  All that's left to do is click the "View Rates" button.


In the past, this would bring me to the next screen that shows all the dates of the month as well as the prices for each night at that property.  But that's not what happens now.  Now when I click the "View Rates" button, I get this:



...for every single Marriott property I look at. 


I reached out for help and was advised to clear my browser cookies, turn off my computer, turn it back on, and try again.  So I did that.  I even cleared my browser history.  Tried again.  No dice.    I repeated said steps and tried a different browser.  Same thing. 


Here's the kicker.  When I am logged out of my Marriott account and do this search, I see the hotels do indeed have availability! Woohoo!  As soon as I log in?  Poof!  Gone!


Please tell me it's not just me.