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W Maldives and RC Hong Kong Upgrades

Question asked by tjs1160 on Sep 20, 2019



Well, I’m starting to cash in some of the points I’ve accumulated over the years in October.


Going to the W Maldives for a week and the RC Hong Kong for six days. I have my Ambassador working on an upgrade to an Over Water Oasis room at the W.  I realize Suite Night Awards do not apply to this property but was wondering if any Insiders have been given upgrades?  I have been offered an upgrade to the Over Water Oasis room for $400 USD per night but if I have a reasonable chance for an upgrade I’ll take my chances. 


I have a similar question for the RC Hong Kong.  Again, Suite Night Awards are not available for this property but have any Insiders been able to snag an upgrade for the Club Lounge?  I’ve been offered Cub Lounge access for $226 USD plus a 10% surcharge per day.  While this seems steep, I’m leaning toward accepting this offer.  I’ve read nothing but positive reviews on the Club Lounge so I’d welcome any Insider feedback here as well. 


Thank you!