Denied Club Access

Discussion created by jaykris on Sep 22, 2019
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Denied club access............

Lets see if this makes sense to anyone out there.

I am a United Pilot, I spend a TON of time on the road as many of you do.


As you do also, we as pilots have a direct input into where we lay our heads while on the road. We also, on our own dime, spend a lot of money getting ourselves into position to depart the next day for the airline. You see, the airline business is very fluid. The airlines move aircraft throughout the country to different hubs to accommodate the ever changing customer needs. A pilot is aircraft specific, we fly only one, ie: 737, 757/767,777 and so on. To follow those aircraft from domicile to domicile is for some is impossible, the family moves etc. So, we live where we want, and simply commute to where we are now based. Those commuting costs are borne by the individual pilot. We choose our hotel alliances.

The costs for hotels while working however, are the airlines responsibility. We DO however, have a direct input into where and what brand we do stay in on our layovers. 


Recently, Marriott, has chosen to deny club access despite our membership status, (that we earn with our own money spent), in many cities. I have spoken to dozens of my fellow pilots that are fed up and giving up their Marriott Visa, Amex, etc. cards and leaving the program.

The issue is, how many of YOU road warriors out there are actually paying for the rooms yourselves and not just using the company credit card? You don't pay, but yet enjoy the perx.

Many feel this is an injustice to Gold, Platinum, Diamond or whatever members, as they have earned this access through their very own expenditures.

What say you?? Whining? Or a valid complaint?