Hotel Knoxville: Look How They've Massacred My Boy

Discussion created by mwchandler21 on Sep 21, 2019
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I grew up in Knoxville.  Events were often held at the weird shaped triangle Knoxville Marriott on the river.  Proms, Teen Board, my best friend got married there...  So a few years ago when I started traveling back to Knoxville for work I would try to stay there and overall the Knoxville Marriott was still a nice, if old, full service hotel.  As recent as two years ago it was the preferred hotel of most visiting college teams on road trips to play Tennessee.  Its a great location for fun in the old city, Vol Landing and going to a football game at Neyland.  

About 2 years ago they were downgraded to a Delta and now just go by "Hotel Knoxville" instead.  Staff was decreased, concierge lounge closed. But lots of promises to bring it back to its 1980s glory.  They started a renovation about a year ago, which was needed, but it has stalled after some demo was started.  Stupidly I assumed the reno would be nearly over and stayed this week.  Floors have been stripped to bare bricks, water stains everywhere, places reeks of mildew.


What a disaster.  There now appears to be 4 people working in the entire building.  Walking to my first of three rooms, I see a room service tray in the hall, no big deal.... it was still there two days later.  Getting in to my first room the thermostat is set to 59 degrees but the room is closer to 80 and the AC is making a terrible noise. I'm not much of a complainer and decide that maybe it was just turned on and a give it a night.  Nope.  Next day ask to move.  Room number 2, I open the door to see trashcan underneath a leaking ac unit that has been there so long it is full and over flowing.  Room smells of mildew.  Walk back down and get third room that was mostly clean but had stains in the tub and on one of the bed linens.  


I love this place, it will always be to me that fancy place you go to in Knoxville.  But whatever it is they are doing to it is like watching someone die of cancer.  I think maybe they may have tipped to the point that people are staying away and cash flow is now to low to pay for the fixes?  Marriott needs to step in and end all affiliations really.  It is about to the point the only solution is a wrecking ball.