Delay in Aug Elite Night posting from Bonvoy Premier VISA Spend?

Discussion created by siliconvalleyplat on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by siliconvalleymom

We still hold the Bonvoy Premier VISA which offers a Elite Status Night (ESN) Credit per $3k spend as a cardholder benefit.  Our ESN credit(s) normally posts to  my Bonvoy reward account around the 9th or 10th of each month for what was earned from the prior month.  

It is September 19th and I have yet to have my August ESN's posted.  Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issue?  During the last few months the postings have been pretty consistent, so I was hopeful that the past issues have been resolved.  

I know many of us had the same issue last year and it is disappointing to see it happening again.  I  looked back on my records and I did see that in May of this year, the ESN posted as late as May 21st.....frustrating.

I am not sure why posting of these ESN's is so challenging, they don't seem to as many delays in posting the points earned on the Premier Card  spend and  definitely there is NO issue  in billing us on our credit cards statements  =).  Also with ESN's they don't display as a discrete entry under your Bonvoy Activity so there is no date listed when it posts, you will just see your "nights earned" increased by the number of ESN earned.

If you are a Bonvoy Premier Cardholder, would you share if you are experiencing the same issue?  If your ESN's has posted this month, would you mind sharing the approximate date it posted to your Bonvoy reward account? 


Much appreciated!