Shearton Lake Como.....very Nice

Discussion created by hallchr on Sep 18, 2019
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First time in 1400 nights I get to stay in a Shearton... We arrived in a thunderstorm of biblical proportions... not a good start.. had tried to apply Suite certs but was unsuccessful because they only have 3 suites and it was Italian Grand Prix Week...  Great reception, proper welcome, all the points were allocated, Club access etc etc ready to go..  Room was great with a view over the garden.


Quick trip to the lounge.. nice choice of nibbles at 8pm wine, beer, soft drinks etc and a few hot dishes...  then at 9:50 some guy opens the door, lets about 5 of his colleagues in points out where everything is stored, so they get an armful of beers, a few bottles of wine, even though there is a large sign saying "do not take drinks out of the lounge"  one guy filled 2 bowls with pasta, whilst another made a huge plate of cheese and crackers and off they went...  this is why lounges should have someone on the door, it was like being descended on by vultures...


I mentioned it to the lady who was coming up to clear up and she said "it happens all the time"  Are people that cheap they are reduced to stealing food? we paid for the option they did'nt


that aside, great hotel, lovely staff, walkable to Como, lots of trips on the Lake, saw George Clooney's house, he was out when I popped in for coffee


Highly recommend !!