Elite nights for a meeting- WHERE ARE THEY?

Discussion created by ketch8 on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by brilin

Does anyone else have the problem I have getting my 10 elite nights posted for my meeting?  I am in my 9th year of platinum and working on my lifetime.  Thanks to all your postings, I know how to get nights -- besides staying in hotels, which I do also.  Every year I have a meeting. Every year it's not easy getting the 10 nights posted. But this year is really beating me down. Yes, the meeting August 4 was my first, and only meeting for this year. I met all the criteria. The hotel agrees, Marriott Rewards agree.  But no nights. Reps keep opening cases and closing them when they say they have dotted the i's etc. But no nights.  I call the platinum line. I go through all the frustration of explaining what has happened. (Getting two hotel employees to sign off on the meeting is usually a roadblock that has to be taken care of.)  Still no satisfaction. I ask to speak to a supervisor. Every phone rep says they ARE a supervisor. (Isn't there anybody not in charge?) They all tell me that they have reopened a case and  the last agent says I have to wait 10 days for the next answer. Any ideas how to get my 10 nights posted?