Why is Marriott still unable to provide folio download?

Discussion created by alan814 on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by globaltreker

Over a year later (according to older messages) and there is still no way to download a folio from the Marriott Website. I travel frequently for business and I am left calling the hotel and asking them to send them to me (the automatic emails never arrive). I just tried to email the hotel and asked to have it emailed to me. I was asked for the amount, my credit card last 4 digits etc. Well the problem is, if I don't have the folio, I don't know the amount (in local currency). I am a loyal Bonvoy Platinum member. 


Contrast this with Hilton Honors site. Login, click the stay there is the portfolio. Marriott, why can't you do better by your frequent business travelers?