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Suite Night - DENIED

Question asked by todzwif on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by joeyrios

100+ nights so far this year.  I requested three suite nights for my upcoming (big) birthday stay at the Renaissance Aruba and received a denial a short while ago.  I called customer service to see if I could pay in points for upgrade and they couldn't figure out why the request was even denied.  The agent made a lot of excuses that didn't make sense, and there were suites available for purchase for my nights.  She told me to call the hotel because the front desk had made the decision not to honor the request.  When I spoke with the desk agent, she told me that she didn't see where the request was even made (I have the email confirmation and subsequent email denial).  She said that the Marriott/system makes the decision.


So which is it?  If the rooms are available, why wouldn't they give me one - was it the reservation type that I booked?