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Ultimate  reservation guarantee

Question asked by juneid_plat on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by communitymanagers

I recently book a marriot hotel, and they cancelled on me  15 mins before I checked in, as they had flood in their hotel and had to evacuate the hotel. 


I was relocated to a new location, and it was a paid stay from them. To which I was told " I won't get the points as it's not paid by me at this point but should get the nights credit"


While I was reading through the benefit of being a Platinum member, I saw "If we can’t honor your reservation for any reason, we guarantee that we’ll pay for you to stay nearby and compensate you for the inconvenience." 


Through the Compensation rate page I saw the following :


100 USD

(Platinum and Titanium Elite members also receive 90,000 points)


I had to drive 30 mins to go to a nearby hotel where the rebooking was being made, and drive another 30 mins to the new hotel. Since this was an inconvenience, is this something I should be getting? My original check in was 7 pm and I didn't get to my new hotel and room past 9 pm.