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terrible customer service about No-blackout

Question asked by alexlihk on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by alexlihk

Till now, i called customer service hotline 6 times but only repeat "No-Blackout dates" policy again and again.

What is the right channel to ask for support about this?

first call: I want to redeem free rooms by point for the hotel Courtyard Beijing Northeast

but failed from 17-22 Sept and explain what "No-blackout dates" policy, finally Replied: no room available for that hotel, it's FULL.

2nd call: another call after i booked. Repeat explain NBOD policy and made escalation. the man said NBOD only available for SPG properties, not Marriott original one.

3rd call: checked and found that Marriott also entitled this policy but only limited room. Call again and explain... finally lady Echo replied politely and told me that Courtyard Beijing Northeast will call me for detail arrangement.


Search again found Fourpoint Beijing has rooms for that period but not available for point redemption, and tried to call again

4th Call: repeat explain...a lady asked me 6 questions for security reason...and told me that redemption not available... and finally reject to give me her name and CUT the LINE.

5th Call: repeat the whole story again. finally Godfrey Choi helped me to book with cash first and help me to follow up with the hotel about points redemption. it's excellent.


but after 24 hours. nothing replied and i called again today.

6th call: repeat the whole story again. Lady Candy still replied redemption is not available for the system. I requested again for escalation and she replied will follow is 14 sept and new peak/nonpeak was kicked off...


it is 17 coming soon and i cant cancel the room soon. terrible. communitymanagers, would you mind to suggest what i can do?


any expert here having this kind of problem? please share your experience. Millions thanks.