Is there a reservation availability ranking of availability based on platinum Elite statuses and userecent usage?

Discussion created by hoosierdaddy on Sep 13, 2019

What is the deal with Marriott Reservations? Are they ranking availability in some way? I am a Platinum Elite member and attempted to make a reservation at a few hotels. My colleagues are also PE. They were able to not only make reservations at the hotels I tried to access on Marriott.com and they did not appear for me and when I called the hotel was told they are sold out and no rooms available. My colleague who did book after my search was able to book a second room hours later for me. What a major hassle, embarrassment and slap in the face. This should be disclosed. Granted I have not traveled extensively this year but remained Platinum due to last year etc. Is there some type of availability ranking being used? It seems all PE members should get the same treatment not the what have you done lately method!  Has this happened to anyone else?