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Number of Elite Night's is Off

Question asked by jmessi1 on Sep 12, 2019
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I was going through my list of stays this year and found that my number of elite nights stays is off by 3.  My history of stays this year is correct so I'm not missing any stays. Its just that the number of nights is 3 short.


I have sent numerous emails to Marriott customer service identifying the mistake and providing a helpful list of off my stays (that are currently listed in my history). However, I've gotten nothing back from customer service. I've even given them weeks in between customer service requests, but to no avail on any of my email contacts.  If I'm wrong, I'm ok with it, but I would at least like to know why.


Is there anyway to deal with this?  Is this just the quality of Bonvoy now? Normally, 3 nights wouldn't be a problem, but I will be just short of titanium status for next year.  I'm willing to book a 2 night stay to make sure I hit titanium, but I'm not willing to do a 5 night.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to deal with this issue.



John M.