Titanium loyalty

Discussion created by simon77ffsatrkz on Sep 11, 2019

Hi everyone 

I have never posted anything anywhere or have any social media accounts and have just joined this site 

I am a titanium elite member missing ambassador by a few nights last year I stay 99% of the time at Ritz Carlton hotels and only stay for leisure I do not travel for business 

The reason for this post is to question for instance I stayed 75 nights at a Marriott with a £50.00 a night rate I could hit my titanium status’s , for £4000.00 ish as I stay at £300 to £500 I hit the £20.000 mark  but Cant  hit the 75 nights .

My personal opinion is this does not work as I use the status for Ritz suites upgrades but will lose this next year it seems unfair you get the same level of Benefits just for nights before you got 2 nights credit per night stayed at a Ritz

i am at 52 nights now with a 21 night stay in December rolling over to January 

I spoke to Marriot about booking the Aberdeen airport hotel which is £47.00 per night for my short fall of nights but not staying but they won’t allow me 

Do I move my loyalties to another hotel