Titanium status means nothing

Discussion created by pointchick on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by ella31

I am a titanium for life and it really means nothing...I usually have to beg for an upgrade..and the 10 suite awards in my account are useless.  I arrived at the moana surfrider and of course, was told I would NOT be upgraded, BUT, if I paid $200 per night, there was a suite available...this is after they just handed me a 1 page which outlines ALL of the benefits I would be entitled to, including up to suite (if available)...yes, its available, but only if I was willing to pay $200 extra per night...I called Marriott elite desk...and was told properties are suppose to give upgrades if available but it's up to each property....well, when are we entitled to an upgrade?  the front desk initially told me they have 3 jr suites and those were all taken by titantium/ambassador so none were available....what's the point of having a status if it's worthless?  I emailed the gm to mention my disappointment...did I ever hear back?  nope....that was 4 days ago....so, it seems they jus don't care either.