Having an unbelievable problem with a Marriott reservation

Discussion created by rembrandt on Sep 5, 2019
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I am a Titanium Elite Bonvoy member.  We have been very loyal to Marriott for many years.  Months ago, my wife and I booked a reservation on the Marriott website to stay at the new Vespera on Ocean Resort at Pismo Beach, CA, for 6 nights in Sept. and Oct., 2019.   We committed ourselves by purchasing airline tickets, and we have centered all of our plans for the week around our Marriott hotel reservation in Pismo Beach.  


So, today, we were notified that the Vespera on Ocean Resort will not open in time for us to stay there.  They dropped us like a hot potato.   No satisfactory explanation was given for why they waited until now to notify us.   Our trip is hosed.  We will arrive at LAX in less than 4 weeks, but other interesting hotels in the area are already booked up for our dates.    We have non-refundable plane tickets, but nowhere to stay.    


So, today I called the Marriott customer support line.  The first person tried to give us some Bonvoy points and basically blow me off.   She kept insisting that I said I didn’t want to book another hotel, which was 180 degrees opposite of what I told her.  Twice.  And points will not put a roof over our head.    So I called the customer service line again.  The next person connected me with an “escalation” associate.    She “opened a case”.  She said it will be 3-5 days before they get back to us.  She apologized, but no specific offers of help or assurances were given.   I am astounded.  There are no words.   It will be 3-5 days before they tell us if they are going to leave us in the lurch.   We have no idea how to fix our problem on short notice.  We are not familiar enough with the area to find a solution without competent assistance.  Does loyalty only work in one direction, from the customer to Marriott?