Kossuth "Kay" Barnett made the St. Louis Marriott Grand feel like Home

Discussion created by digum95 on Sep 3, 2019
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Over the past 2 years as a consultant, I have spent more weeks on the road than I have at home. Hopping from city to city, hotel to hotel can make you feel a bit transient. That all changed when I stayed at the St. Louis Marriott Grand. Ms. Kay (Kossuth "Kay" Barnett) greeted me at the Bonvoy Elite desk on my first day and from that moment on did everything she possibly could to make my travels feel at home. Check-in was not a transaction, it was a reconnection as if seeing an old friend after a long weekend. Each day she reached out and connected with me as a person. I did not feel like just another customer, not even like a valued guest. I felt like a friend and thus the Marriott became my home. I finished my project in St. Louis 6 months and could have ended the story there, but just last week Ms. Kay emailed me to check in and say she missed me. She knows I travel around the country but took the minute to proactively reach out and see how I was doing. Never before have I felt more at home on travels than I did those months in St. Louis. I cannot wait to go back and see Ms. Kay again.