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Non refundable rate - has this ever happened?

Question asked by lonnalinda on Sep 4, 2019
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For many years I have either booked the Auto Club (AAA) rate or the non refundable rate in booking my Marriott hotel.  While I prefer the AAA rate I am finding that the non refundable rate (many with breakfast, when titanium status does not offer, or hotel food and beverage credit) has become a better deal.  I pay with my Marriott credit card.  To date I have never had the below email response.  I plan on emailing Marriott customer service as this is weird.  I am concerned that I might get charged twice and/or this is some sort of fraud (doubtful but...)  And the "threat" of not paying within 48 hours - again weird.  Thanks for any insight.    


Dear Valued Guest,


 Thank you for choosing Altis Belém Hotel & Spa for your upcoming stay in Lisbon.


We remind you that you have booked a Non-Refundable rate - No change or cancellation is possible.

No-Show fee: Full stay including tax.

Prepayment required. Total amount to be paid on the booking’s day.


This way, in order to make the payment for your booking – we kindly ask you to use the following link to pay securely (Visa or Mastercard):


  • The reference number will be : ***


This way, we decrease the high level of fraud in Internet payments. At check-in, you can show any available credit card for incidentals.


Please note that the payment should be done within the next 48 hours. In case no payment is received – the reservation is automatically canceled.

 Best regards,


Gonçalo Nicolau

Night Auditor

Front Desk
Altis Belém Hotel & Spa