Should I stay in or outside Time Square? And best hotel in NYC?

Discussion created by wannabetitanium on Sep 3, 2019
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Hello good people. I have never been to NYC and have decided this is rather unamerican of me. That being said I will taking misses wannabetitanium for a few nights stay soon and am planning now. I know this can be of personal preference but would you recommend staying in or just a little outside of Time Square? And do you have any hotel recommendations? I am looking for a full service property and am willing to splurge to a point. I am considering Rennaissance Midtown outside of TM and The W Time Square or Marquis for inside. Any thoughts? Thank you friends. I have the options of paying with points for the weekend I am looking at but the rates are somewhat high but not high enough to justify the 60K pts a night so will likely opt for cash.