Check In Issue at JW Desert Ridge. Possible SNA Related??

Discussion created by tker on Sep 2, 2019
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So, we were supposed to go to FL this week. Canceled for obvious reasons. Decided PHX wouldn't have any rain-just heat! (Well that was wrong as a big storm hit as we approached and had to circle 45 mins. 


Anyway, we reserved a King room/Griffin Club and applied SNA's on Thurs. They cleared with within two hours to a Jr Suite. I had confirmed that the SNA wouldn't interfere with GC access. Anyway...all set Sept 1-5. Four nights good to go. 


We arrive about 830pm local time to check in. The clerk starts the process and calls someone over. She tells me that our reservation doesn't start until Sept 4th and its one night. Fortunately I have all of the emails-and the app with live info-is all accurate. Here's the kicker. They don't have a JR suite AND the Club is "sold out". I protest a bit and ask if they are going to walk me. Suddenly they find the JR suite. RIGHT next to an elevator while the hotel is having a young girl/teen dance competition. You can imagine the traffic and the noise. The view? The front portico where cars pull up for check in and the valet lot--low floor. Nothing matches my profile. 


The only "change" to our reservation was the application of the SNA's. Truly bizarre. 


I realize they don't have to do more than give me the room type on my reservation. But, what a cluster. I did speak to them about room location. They are moving us tomorrow, but not a good start and no idea what could have happened to our reservation. Has never happened before.