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Stayed at 3 properties recently that were either new or had recent upgrades.

Two of three in suites.

None had a bath / in 2 cases baths had actually been removed, one was new and built without.


UK based and UK might like baths more than some others - but reception at the last hotel (a very charming French lady) reported significant negative feedback.

I did a poll of a UK doctors group I belong to.

Got 200 replies in 24 hours - above average for this group.

25% thought any half decent hotel room should have a bath.

50% thought any luxury hotel or luxury room should have a bath.

Only 25% said they didn't care.

Comments included on a serious note bathing not showering children, on in a more pointed tone someone said that a hotel claiming a room without a bath was a luxury room / hotel was like McDonalds claiming it served gourmet food.

Appreciate business folks may just want a quick shower, that it reduces water and water heating costs, avoids overflows, and reduces cleaning time.  Environment may be a good excuse but "feels like" penny pinching.

What do others, especially not UK based, think?