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SNA Room Selection - Fulfillment Hierarchy

Question asked by wader on Sep 1, 2019
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I'll begin by saying that I am a Titanium status member with a relatively poor batting average on SNA redemptions (one success after several requests).  


For my failed attempts I selected every SNA upgrade option available within my booking - which should make the upgrade more likely according to (and common sense).  Oddly, the only SNA request that worked out for me was at the JW in Nashville, where I selected (only) the best option got a beautiful top level suite.


Please note that my bad luck (presumed no inventory) discussed above is not really the focus of my question.  However, given my bad luck I'd like to make sure I am understanding how these SNAs are likely to work.


For the sake of this discussion/question let us assume that I have booked a normal room with 3 upgrade options available (referred to as below for simplicity).  Assume I have checked them all.



  • Tier 1 - Big Suite (T1)
  • Tier 2 - Normal Suite (T2)
  • Tier 3 - Junior Suite (T3)


My assumptions are these:

  • Selecting all 3 upgrade options make my request easier to satisfy because a larger portion of the hotel inventory is available to satisfy my request.
  • A hotel would be happy to give me the best of the rooms I have selected *at the time up upgrade fulfillment*.  Presumably my place in the pecking order of elites may determine my place on the list? (airlines do this - relatively transparently)
  • The fulfillment attempt window begins 5 days before my stay and ends ~1 day before my stay.


My questions are these:

  1. If a T2/T3 room above is available 5 days out (but a T1 room is not), would the system be inclined to put me into a T2/T3 room "early" in the window (i.e. try to confirm a lower benefit rather than no benefit)?  Or would it hold out in an attempt to get me the best (T1) room possible?
  2. In the scenario above, what happens if a T1 room opens up 2 days before my stay?  Will I get a second bump to the higher room?  Or will the system have stopped "trying" on my behalf?


In other words: "What are the workflow/process issues that may warrant NOT opting into lower tier upgrades?"


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