Help! Not sure how to handle?

Discussion created by nicolej on Aug 30, 2019
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I need advice or help on how to address my issue. 


I’ve called several times now and been in touch with the team on Twitter and likewise written to the customer service team and received no response. 


Ive stayed 17 qualifying nights this year (18 as of last night). 17 are paid and 1 redemption. The record of this shows on my account summary - however in the tracker it shows there is one night missing. Each person I’ve spoken to says it’s the redemption night not counting - which is not the case. The redemption shows on the tracker - it’s one of my paid nights and I can’t tell which one because I frequently stay on business one night at a time.  I’ve been met with absolute rudeness and no resolve. When they say they’ve looked into it and that the redemption night has been credited - it completely ignores the issue I’ve raised. The issue isn’t with the redemption stay as I’ve said all along but no one seems to listen and if they looked at my account history it’s very clear that there’s one missing - I’m at whits end - I have no idea what to do. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been trying to get this resolved - If anyone at all has advice I’d be so grateful.