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Hello Insiders!


It's been quite awhile since I've last been on the site. I'm tempted to go look at past posts to see how everyone reacted to the new program  I wanted to share an experience that happened this past weekend.


Months ago I made a reservation at the Cosmo in Vegas for this coming October. I selected a rate in the member rate section, checked on the cancellation policy and booked it. A few days later I noticed a charge on my credit card. At the time I was very busy and figured it was a prepayment (even though a prepayment was never specified). Last week I discovered I won't be able to attend the conference so I called to cancel the reservation. It was on a Saturday in the afternoon. The first person I spoke to had an accent (non american) and was very unhelpful and had a clear attitude. She kept repeating that there was a cancellation fee associated, Marriott had a 48 hour cancellation policy after the booking is made and that I had to call the hotel to cancel. I tried to explain to her that on the booking there is no mention of the time period in which you can cancel. She stated that "You must have seen it before you booked" and after I asked her to speak to someone who is interested in being helpful she hung up. I called back and spoke to another representative (again with an accent) who repeated the same thing, refused to listen to me and just gave me the hotel number.


Today I called the Cosmo and they informed me that the cancellation policy is 72 hours BEFORE the arrival date. The rep told me that I had to again call Marriott to cancel the reservation but the prepayment will be returned to me. I tried to address the issue that none of this is stated in my reservation but she said she is unable to help with that. I called Marriott after and the called was answered by someone with an American accent named Cindy. After I explained the situation three seconds later she said "...why does your reservation not have a cancellation policy defined"? SWEET LORD THANK YOU!! She instantly saw that my reservation contained no time period for the cancellation policy and no mention of prepayment. She cancelled the reservation and said she will ensure that there are no fees associated. The best part about it was when she said "You are a Titanium member, this should never have been a question". 


So for my fellow US insiders try not to call the rewards line when the US representatives are not on. 


For any Marriott employees reading this I would rather no support than horrid support. I don't know if during non standard business hours if the calls are routed to an overseas center. If it is they are awful and should be retrained. Please and thank you.