Ideas for a Hong Kong staycation?

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I've lived here in HK a year, but my only hotel stays were at the Courtyard and Renaissance almost a decade ago. 


I read that some hotels are reportedly down to 50-60% occupancy and was thinking that there may be some really good deals now and it could be a good opportunity to experience some nice hotels.


I have two SNA expiring at the end of the year as well as Cat 4 & 5 certificates good until next year.


There are tons of hotels here and in Macau and I am researching them and will use this post to collect my thoughts below, but I am also very much hoping to get personal insights.


Looking for a 1-night stay and maybe an SNA. Preferably with really nice lounge and/or breakfast and maybe a pool.


Starting at the cheapest...

Courtyard Sha Tin - Has a lounge, but it is only a Cat 2 so I'm not sure how good it is. Outdoor pool.

Ovolo South Side - Looks like no lounge or pool

Courtyard - Already stayed there. Apparently has a lounge, but I don't remember it. I seem to recall a decent breakfast.

Le Meridien Cyberport - Probably the best deal for the Cat 4 cert. No lounge, but I think still free breakfast in the restaurant and maybe snacks and drinks in the bar. Looks like a nice pool.

Sheraton Hong Kong Towers - Lounge & breakfast in restaurant. Rooftop pool (but, there have been several clashes with teargas nearby so an outdoor pool may not be ideal.)

Sheraton Grand Macau - This is probably one of my top choice overall and is a Cat 5. If it wasn't for rain in the forecast this weekend I would probably go then. But, maybe there will be better weather soon.

JW - I have been to the lounge and have people stay there pretty regularly that I can visit so it really isn't that high on my list.


I'm stopping my research there because that is already at a minimum of $250/night and going beyond that seems kind of silly for a night in the city you live in. That isn't to say I won't consider it if you chime in with the best recommendation of your life or something. I also have tons of points to burn so if there is something here that is a great value that would be good to know to.


There are some amazingly cheap JW's across the border in China, but with things they way they are I don't know if I want to deal with the hassle of crossing at the moment.


Anyway, please share your thoughts.