Searching for "Pets Allowed" can't be done - Why not an advanced search feature?

Discussion created by scottviajero on Aug 25, 2019

Who else things that that an advanced search feature is needed?


My gripe is that there is no way to easily find a pet friendly hotel property without opening each and every listing when doing a reservation search.


In my example, I'm traveling north on I-65 and know that there is a window of travel (in this case we are leaving after work so one hour either side of Birmingham, AL).  I want to book a pet friendly hotel using points.  There is no way to sort the pet friendly hotels.


Marriott, what do you think?  How about an advanced search function with other categories to search with including such things as;  Concierge lounge, Pet Friendly, pool, etc.


Just my 2 cents on how to make it a better customer experience.