Suite Night Award versus Member Upgrade

Discussion created by lonnalinda on Aug 22, 2019
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Got back from a vacation in France.  Nice time.  Thought I'd give my thoughts about the hotels we stayed at.  Each hotel I reserved two rooms.  I am life time Gold member - this year I was able to become titanium.  


Filled out a SNA request for 3 nights at the Renaissance Aix en Provence.  Unfortunately 3 days before leaving I got notice my SNA was "rejected" and returned to my account.  At that time I was offered the ability to use my 3 SNA at the AC Hotel Marseille and for various reasons I decided not to use them.


Checked into AC Hotel Marseille first.  Wow, what a wonderful surprise, BOTH rooms were upgraded.   My room was at the "highest" level the AC Hotel offers and my daughter's the next level.  So my thought was saving the SNA for future trip might pay off since I was upgraded.  I wrote a review on trip advisor, but in summary this was a very nice hotel.  They treated us really well.    


Next checked into the Renaissance.  Have to admit I was "bitter barning" it that I didn't get the SNA prior to departure and then upon check in, no upgrade to next level room (balcony).  But I had booked 2 nicer (didn't go for basic room) so I wasn't too bent on not getting either.   We had friends joining us for 1 night - and they told me to come see their room as they had been upgraded to balcony.  Initially I was bummed since I really thought the balcony would be a bonus.  Not so - room was much smaller and balcony overlooked a busy road.  It didn't feel good to me - noisy and cramped.  


Renaissance Hotel was also very nice - in addition they kindly comped me 2 more breakfasts for my daughter's room.  


In reflection, it was "OK" not to get or use a SNA, as if I had I used it (in Marseille) I would have gotten the same room as member upgrade at AC Hotel Marseille.  And upgrade doesn't always mean better in the case of the balcony room at the Renaissance.  Sure I would have LOVED getting SNA at Renaissance and actually getting the junior suite - but my room was quite lovely.  


Hoping to use the SNA in Florida (last trip of the year).  I've been fortunate to use 2 of them...hoping to use the remaining ones.