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Le Meridien New York, Central Park

Question asked by wsm78 on Aug 27, 2019
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I have a question regarding Le Meridien New York, Central Park. I'm considering it for a weekend stay in February due to its price and proximity to Central Park and the Met, but its reviews on are dismal: a 2.4 rating based on 46 reviewers at this time. I understand this is a reflagged hotel, having formerly been the Viceroy until April or May of this year, and is new to the Marriott portfolio. Many of the reviews complain about the small rooms (but it is NYC, so that doesn't bother me), outdated decor, no breakfast benefits for elites due to an outsourced on-site restaurant, and other general complaints. If I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, though, I could see these reviews being complaints about a hotel going through a transition period (nothing is perfect right away), Viceroy design leftovers (old furnishings will be updated in time), and comparisons to the former Le Meridien Parker (a hotel that left Marriott's portfolio and is now a Hyatt property).


Has anyone stayed at this hotel since it became a Le Meridien? Would you consider a future stay at it? I think by February most of the kinks should be worked out and it could be a great Le Meridien hotel like all the others I've stayed at. Do you think there's a reason it won't be?