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Best way to book?

Question asked by richterscale on Aug 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by iahflyr

I currently have a reservation at the Stellaris in Aruba in late September, where we are meeting some other couples. We are planning to stay a few extra days once they leave that will linger into the first couple days of October. We are doing a standard room while everyone is there, and plan to do Tradewinds once its just the two of us.  The question for the insiders is whether its more advisable to modify the existing reservation now to reflect the entire length of our planned stay, and upgrade the last few days to Tradewinds on site, continue to monitor Tradewinds pricing on the website and book a separate reservation that begins when our current one ends, or make a Tradewinds reservation for an additional few days while on the property. I ask because last year I had to modify reservation dates, and although I received an email offering an upgrade to TW for $175 per night, when I modified the dates TW was only another $50 or so per night over what I had already booked, and thus averaged out to about $420 a night. Perhaps that was a glitch, or aberration, but I’m trying to position myself as well as possible to take advantage of that again. Last years trip was right after Labor Day, while this one is in the last week of September. 


Thank you you all in advance for your help!