NO Roll Over nights No need for me to stay

Discussion created by vance7373 on Aug 24, 2019
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After hitting a certain point on nights I have no more need to stay in Marriott.  No Rollover nights means I work on other reward programs, to help when there is no Marriott where I travel.  (though those places are few and far between)  I have hit 110 nights this year with another planned 30 the rest of year.  Those will be dedicated to other programs as the only rewards for Marriott are points.  There are no promotions worth using those stays with Marriott. (Others are promoting gift cards every 2nd stay)  Since the move to Bonvoy the rewards program has gone down dramatically.  I also find the suite rewards useless I have yet to receive a reward when requested.  @MarriottBonvoy marriott bonvoy